Data-Driven Content Marketing

Are you basing your content strategy on assumptions and guesses?


Content Marketing Analytics

If you don’t understand how your content is consumed, creating and executing an effective content marketing strategy is nearly impossible.


Channel Optimization

Which topics appeal most to your audience on social media?
Organic search? Paid media?


Conversion Funnel Analysis of Your Content

Only about one-third of marketers say their content marketing is effective.
What’s worse, 90% of the content that businesses create fails to meet business objectives.


Competitive Intelligence

How does your content compare to your competition's?
What popular industry topics are you not covering?

of marketing content doesn’t convert
of marketers struggle to measure content effectiveness
of marketers struggle to produce engaging content

The majority of marketing content doesn’t convert, and most marketers struggle creating and measuring effective content because their content marketing strategy is not data-driven.

Data-driven content marketing insights from Ceralytics help you create and promote your most effective content with technology that:

  • Identifies the content you should create to maximize your return on investment
  • Discovers the content on your site that converts
  • Uncovers content gaps you have in your industry
  • Enables you to create a data-driven content marketing strategy

Understand your audience’s needs

What you create and what your audience consumes are very different – which means your audience’s needs may not be what you think.

Ceralytics analyzes this discrepancy at the topic level and identifies not only the topics that are performing well, but also uncovers underutilized topics your audience is interested in that you should write about more.

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Optimize your content by channel

Audiences experience your site differently based on the channel through which they discover your content.

Understand what content resonates across each of your online channels, including organic search, social, paid search, email, and more. Ceralytics also recommends which content your brand should promote on each channel for maximum impact.

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Content topics by channel
Content conversions

Create content that drives conversions

Wouldn’t you like to know which topics are most likely to drive conversions before creating anything? Ceralytics uncovers the underutilized topics that drive buying actions, giving you the insights you need to turn content into conversions.

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Keep tabs on your competition

Identify your competitors’ positioning and unmet content opportunities that you can seize. Additionally, you’ll see and build on your strengths, while uncovering your content gaps that will inform successful move-forward strategies.

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Competitive head to head comparison

No more wasted content

You work hard. Ceralytics optimizes the fruits of your labor to ensure your content does its job, too.

Data-driven content marketing insights give you the power to understand your audience, topic relevance, and competitors in ways never before possible, so you can drive bottom-line business results.

Jay Baer - NY Times best-selling author & President of Convince & Convert

“Stop wasting time on ineffective content. Ceralytics helps content marketers identify the topics that matter to their audience.”

Jay Baer, NY Times best-selling author & President of Convince & Convert

What content marketing experts are saying about Ceralytics

Chad Pollitt - VP of Audience & Co-founder of Relevance

“I’ve been waiting for a tool like this. Ceralytics not only identifies what content your audience truly values, it gives you the insights to create content that converts to real business results.”

Chad Pollitt, VP of Audience & Partner at the Native Advertising Institute