Content Marketing Analytics

If you don’t understand how your content is consumed, creating and executing an effective content marketing strategy is nearly impossible.

Ceralytics pinpoints the topics and trends that resonate with your audience, optimizing the time you spend creating effective content.

Content topics by channel

Deeper content analytics

Unlike other analytics programs that break down content by URL, Ceralytics analyzes content by topic. This level of detail delivers deeper insights into how audiences consume your content and highlights hard-to-find opportunities and blind spots.

Find the content that works

Utilize our CI (Current Impact) Score, to identify your website’s top-performing topics. Our side-by-side comparison highlights the discrepancy between what you are writing and what your audience is consuming, enabling you to improve your positioning and market approach.

Top performing content analytics
Content conversions

Discover what content to create

Our PI (Potential Impact) Score uncovers underutilized topics that interest your audience, providing a roadmap of what to cover next. Save time and have confidence that your content plan will drive results before you even put pen to page.

Industry topics

Ceralytics’ Competitive Intelligence flags valuable industry-wide topics within your content analytics. Open new opportunities and drive bottom-line results by seeing how your content compares to the competition’s and identifying content gaps that have high rates of return.

Competitive head to head comparison

No more wasted content

You work hard. Ceralytics helps you optimize your content to ensure it works hard too. Understand your audience, topic relevance, and industry competition in ways that were never before possible to drive bottom-line business results.