Great B2B Content Strategies
Don’t Just Happen

They are built from great content analytics and competitive insights.

Get the data you need to create a great content marketing strategy quickly, easily, and in near real-time.

  • Identify the topics that attract, engage and convert your audiences
  • Reveal topic gaps you have vs. your competition
  • Continuously analyzes your content’s performance against your competition and historical benchmarks

Create your content strategy with confidence by going from guessing to knowing.

Top performing content analytics

Get a deeper content analysis of your site

Unlike other analytics programs that break down content by URL, Ceralytics analyzes content by topic. This level of detail delivers deeper insights into how audiences consume your content and highlights hard-to-find opportunities and blind spots.

Create content that drives conversions

Wouldn’t you like to know which topics are most likely to drive conversions before even creating anything? Ceralytics uncovers the underutilized topics that drive buying actions, giving you the insights you need to turn content into conversions.

Content conversions
Competitive head to head comparison

Understand your competition’s positioning

Ceralytics runs its analysis against the competitors you choose, giving you insights on how you stack up against each competitor and the industry as a whole. Ceralytics identifies where your competition is currently gaining traction, allowing you to adjust your marketing strategy and regain your competitive edge.

Continuous content analysis

Unlike manual content audits, Ceralytics constantly updates you with new information about how your content strategy is performing throughout the year. Identify new industry trends as they happen and watch for competitor pivots in near real-time. Your strategy stays agile and a step ahead of the competition.

No more wasted content

You work hard. Ceralytics helps you optimize your content to ensure it works hard too. Understand your audience, topic relevance, and industry competition in ways that were never before possible to drive bottom-line business results.

Jay Baer - NY Times best-selling author & President of Convince & Convert

“Stop wasting time on ineffective content. Ceralytics helps content marketers identify the topics that matter to their audience.”

Jay Baer, NY Times best-selling author & President of Convince & Convert

What content marketing experts are saying about Ceralytics

Chad Pollitt - VP of Audience & Co-founder of Relevance

“I’ve been waiting for a tool like this. Ceralytics not only identifies what content your audience truly values, it gives you the insights to create content that converts to real business results.”

Chad Pollitt, VP of Audience & Partner at the Native Advertising Institute