Competitive Intelligence

How does your content compare to your competition's?
What popular industry topics are you not covering?

Ceralytics provides a complete view of the topics currently resonating in your industry. Identify how each of your competitors positions themselves so you can pivot your marketing and sales teams to better compete against them.

Top performing content analytics

Identify your differentiators

What’s working for you that your competitors haven’t caught onto? Ceralytics identifies the valuable, unique topics you cover, so you can double-down on your marketing efforts in those areas or use them as a differentiator in other marketing activities.

Benchmark against competitors

Outmaneuver the competition with insights about topics that both you and competitors use to reach your audience. Ceralytics compares the popularity of this content common ground, enabling you to determine how to strategically invest your resources.

Competitive head to head comparison
Content conversions

Identify content gaps

What is the competition doing better than you? Ceralytics identifies where your competition is currently gaining traction, allowing you to adjust your content marketing strategy and regain your competitive edge.

No more wasted content

You work hard. Ceralytics helps you optimize your content to ensure it works hard too. Understand your audience, topic relevance, and industry competition in ways that were never before possible to drive bottom-line business results.