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Are you throwing away the majority of your content marketing budget creating content that doesn’t convert? Most Marketers are.

Understanding your audience and their needs is the key to creating content that engages and converts.

Ceralytics is a content intelligence platform that clarifies your audience’s needs, identifies content that converts, and uncovers how you are positioned against your competition.

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The supply of online content has outpaced demand, leaving content marketers in a position where they are getting less effective each year. Despite being less effective, over 76% of marketers plan to create more content this year than last year.

To be effective, marketers can’t rely on only creating more content. The cycle is unsustainable, ineffective, and creates more of a problem than it solves. Instead, marketers need to embrace data-driven methodologies that tie to business results.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Rebecca Lieb looks beyond obvious metrics (sales) and frivolous ones (likes) to explore less-than-obvious KPIs (like brand health and productivity) content marketers should use to demonstrate the dollar value of their efforts, and how Brandon Andersen utilizes content intelligence to drive the new marketing organization – from creating high-level awareness to making fundamental impacts on overall business strategies.

Jay Baer - NY Times best-selling author & President of Convince & Convert

“Stop wasting time on ineffective content. Ceralytics helps content marketers identify the topics that matter to their audience.”

Jay Baer, NY Times best-selling author & President of Convince & Convert

What content marketing experts are saying about Ceralytics

Chad Pollitt - VP of Audience & Co-founder of Relevance

“I’ve been waiting for a tool like this. Ceralytics not only identifies what content your audience truly values, it gives you the insights to create content that converts to real business results.”

Chad Pollitt, VP of Audience & Co-founder of Relevance

No more wasted content

You work hard. Ceralytics optimizes the fruits of your labor to ensure your content does its job, too. Understand your audience, topic relevance, and competitors in ways never before possible so you can drive bottom-line business results.

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